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About Digital Art / Student Megan KerstetterFemale/Unknown Group :iconshinobisunset: ShinobiSunset
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Megan Kerstetter
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I'm a freelance illustrator with a passion for storytelling and creating fun characters. I love drawing things that are somewhat out of the ordinary, but are still exciting to look at and really get the imagination rolling.
Currently I am working on a children's book along with a few other personal projects.
My dream is to to create pure touching stories. One day I want to have my own company that produces both animated movies and graphic novels.

My motto is 'Keep dreaming, work hard, and don't do anything half way.'

You're your biggest adversary, so don't be afraid to show some tough love! But keep in mind that if you don't appreciate your gifts, you're never going to be satisfied with anything you do.

I guess I have trouble with that last part myself but I'm going to keep trying my best, and one day, it's going to pay off.

I also support the community of online web comics. If I have it my way, more then one will be full length animations some day!

My Abandoned Webcomic
You've been warned. ^^;

Some of these are on hiatus but in my option they are still worth reading.

Web Comics

By Samantha Whitten:iconcelesse: & Stacey Pefferkorn :iconalgy: .

by :iconlightlybow:

By Samantha Whitten:iconcelesse:

By Crystal Yates :iconladyyates:

by :iconpoligarchy:

By Lindsay Cibos :iconlcibos: & Jared Hodges :iconquasimanga:

Inverloch & The Phoenix Requiem By Sarah Ellerton :iconartsangel: who also does the art for 'Dreamless.' - by Bobby Crosby

By Honoel A. Ibardolaza

By Andrea L. Peterson :iconandrael:

By Kelly Hamilton :iconartkitty:

By Alina Pete (Artist/Writer/Creator) Layne Myhre(Writer/Editor) & Todd Myhre (Coding/Web Support)

Twisted Mirrors, By :icondragonsong12:

By Scott Christian Sava :iconssava:

The Reids - A prequel to :iconmeago:'s published work, 'Meago Saga'.

By Animetor Lily :iconzue:

By :iconkeshii:

By Chris Moujaes :iconcozmcskwirl:

By Writer Clay Gardner & Artist Niko Greyer :iconnikogeyer:

By :iconleaglem:

Anime I Watch

Shugo Chara, Soul Hunter, Zoku Natsume, Eyeshield21, Fairy Tail, Fate Stay Night, Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Escaflowne, Fairy Musketeers, Death Note, Saiyuki, Fruits Basket, Princess Nine.

Manga/Graphic Novels:heart:

Beast Master, Game X Rush, Amazing Agent Luna, Inverloch, Earthsong, Land of the Blindfolded, Naruto.

Groups I like!


Favourite genre of music: J-pop, Celtic, Piano, Techno, Ambient, Movie Scores & SoundTracks.
Favourite photographer: Anyone who can make something look beautiful
Favourite style of art: Cartooning, as long as it's morally clean.
Operating System: Mac, Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: ITouch
Wallpaper of choice: Beast Master-from the manga
Favourite cartoon character: The one's I make up myself.<3
Personal Quote: You know, sometimes you try so hard to reinvent the wheel you end up making a square.
So I've been working with my newly fixed tablet for the past couple of days and it seems to be doing just fine.  Which is good because now I can re-open digital commissions!
Even though my tablets fixed I will still be placing empty commission spots up for any who are interested.  I'm always excited to draw other peoples characters so send me a Note, or an e-mail if your interested in having me create some art for you.
On another note, I've decided not to play with the DA commission feature anymore, so from now on all payments will be made through
Paypal by Th3EmOo.

As always, thank you to all those who have supported my art thus far, through your words or request; it means the world to me to know there are people out there who genuinely like my work.

- Megan Kerstetter / WhispersInTheMirror

Past Commissions

Through The Twisted Mirror by WhispersInTheMirror
Dragonsong12 :icondragonsong12:

 Commission: Magnus Pariah by WhispersInTheMirror
Kalsagnia :iconkalsagnia:

Open Commission Slots



3. _____

4. _____

5. _____

6. _____

7. _____

8. _____

8. _____

10. _____

General Pricing Guidelines

The following prices are for Non-Commercial use only, meaning the art can only be used for personal use and not profit.
For prices that have to do with commercial work please contact me by E-mail, or Note me here on DeviantArt.

You can also visit my Website to see my commission information or contact me ---->

Please contact me by e-mail or deviant art if you art interested in commissioning me.


(Note: I know that not everyone here on deviant art has a big budget on their hands, especially young people.  Feel free to name what you can afford and I'll be willing to negotiate with you to the extent that I'm able.)

PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers


Small Character Bust  (roughly 5"x5")
$10.00 USD


Half Orc...? by WhispersInTheMirror    Fantasy Girl by WhispersInTheMirror

Character Waist Up
$20.00 USD


Goblin Boy by WhispersInTheMirror
Damien Wayne by WhispersInTheMirror

Additional characters another $20.00 USD

Through The Twisted Mirror by WhispersInTheMirror



Large Character Bust (Roughly 9x12 to 12"x15")

$30.00 USD

Boy and Imp by WhispersInTheMirror Melin by WhispersInTheMirror




Character Full body

$50.00 USD
Steven Universe Fan Art - Amethyst by WhispersInTheMirror Little Monster by WhispersInTheMirror

Finished Ink/Line-Art

Character Bust Small (Roughly 5"x5")

$20.00 USD

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 11.01.46 PM by WhispersInTheMirror Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 9.52.04 PM by WhispersInTheMirror

Character Waist Up

$30.00 USD

(No Examples yet but the other images will give you an idea for how I draw.)

Large Character Bust (Roughly 9x12 to 12"x15")

$40.00 USD


(No Examples yet but the other images will give you an idea for how I draw.)

Character Full body

$100.00 USD

Sword Mage Line Art by WhispersInTheMirror Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 11.03.59 PM by WhispersInTheMirror

Inked & Flat Color

Small Character Bust

$30.00 USD


(No Examples yet but the other images will give you an idea for how I draw.)

Character Waist Up

$40.00 USD


(No Examples yet but the other images will give you an idea for how I draw.)

Large Character Bust (Roughly 9x12 to 12"x15")

$50.00 USD


(No Examples yet but the other images will give you an idea for how I draw.)

Character Full body

$120.00 USD

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 11.40.20 PM by WhispersInTheMirror Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 12.07.15 AM by WhispersInTheMirror

Ink, Color, & Shading

Small Character Bust

$30.00 USD

(No Examples yet but the other images will give you an idea for how I draw.)

Character Waist Up

$40.00 USD



Evian by WhispersInTheMirror

Large Character Bust (Roughly 9x12 to 12"x15")

$60.00 USD


(No Examples yet but the other images will give you an idea for how I draw.)

Character Full body

$120.00 USD


Sword Mage by WhispersInTheMirror Little Monster Colored by WhispersInTheMirror


Book Illustration for Personal Project by WhispersInTheMirror
Book Illustration for Personal Project by WhispersInTheMirror
Book Illustration for Personal Project by WhispersInTheMirror

Full illustration prices for book jackets, comics, & advertisements, should be discussed over e-mail, Skype, or Phone. Please go to my contact page to reach me, or you can e-mail me directly at

Commission Rules

Don't ask for anything sexual or overly gory
Nothing risque / No pinups 

(Note: Although the examples may be fan-art I will only draw Original Characters or Portraits for copyright reasons.  That does not mean if you have a OC from an original series I won't draw them. So long as it doesn't have anything super distinct to say it is from the series I will draw it. Like say you have a Naruto OC, I can draw them as a ninja but I will not put something that is blatantly copyrighted like a hidden-leaf headband.)

Here is a updated version of my basic art commission contract. --> 

Basic Art Commission Contract UPDATED!Basic Art Commission Contract
This agreement is made the ______ day of ______________, _______ (year) by and between:
Artist’s Name: ________________________________
DeviantArt:  ______WhispersInTheMirror_________________
Country: ______________________________________________
Skype:_______________________ E-mail: _______________________
Client’s Name: _____________________________________
Country: ______________________________________________
Skype:_______________________ E-mail: _______________________
The parties agree as follows:
    1.          The Project: The Client is commissioning a work of art created by the Artist. Subject matter will be described herein.


Forest Pixie by WhispersInTheMirror
Forest Pixie
So I feel like it's been a while since I posted something that wasn't a sketch.  Here is a little character illustration.  I was watching Epic at the time I was making this; I wanted to try my hand at drawing a forest fairy that specialized in creating fungus, but I didn't want her to look overly gross or evil.
Not sure if I got the fungus/rot part really right, but I do like her expression.

Art and Character © to Megan Kerstetter 2015
 WhispersInTheMirror :iconwhispersinthemirror:
Cyber Warrior by WhispersInTheMirror
Cyber Warrior
Some figure and character practice.  Trying to learn how to draw armor, I was going for a sort of cyber punk look.
Comment's and critiques are appreciated. :)

Note: Please do not color without permission from the artist.

Pose from Larkie 10
Character & Art Work © to Megan Kerstetter / WhispersInTheMirror 2015 :iconwhispersinthemirror:
Anacrine Complex Fan Art by WhispersInTheMirror
Anacrine Complex Fan Art
Fan art for the web-comic Anacrine Complex found here --->
I did some experimenting with cel-shading one of my sketches and adding texture.

:iconlightlybow:'s characters Lee and Ben are so fun, and it was a challenge to translate them into my style.  I think Ben's got a new video game or something and Lee's... making a... Lee face.  ^^;  Yes, that's it.  Lee is a really serious guy; I imagine he's a bit puzzled with Ben's video game obesseson but is also quitly ammused by his enthusiasm.
So far I am loving Anacrine Complex and it's characters.  I recomend it for anyone looking for a fresh take on a superhero stories, and would like to read something with clean language and good humor. :)

Anacrine Complex & Characters © to LightlyBow :iconlightlybow:
Artwork above © to Megan Kerstetter/WhispersInTheMirror 2015 :iconwhispersinthemirror:
The Flirt by WhispersInTheMirror
The Flirt
"I love short brunettes!  And big, sparkly green eyes always get me!  And cool powers?  Wow! where have you been all my life?  You're the perfect cure to what ails me, doctor!"
                                  - Jeremiah Rivers

Some fan-art for the lovely web-comic Freak Police by GingerOpal. 
I really love Jeremiah's hair so I had to try and draw it. :)  I also thought his cocky pick-up line from the latest comic page was great. 
If you haven't heard of Freak Police you can start the comic here --->…
Big thanks to GingerOpal for giving the world nice things!

Jeremiah Rivers © :icongingeropal:
Artwork © Megan Kerstetter :iconwhispersinthemirror: 2015

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LittleRueKitty Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
I added you but didn't have time to write you! This is Lyndsi from fig drawing, sculpture, and readings class. I looked through your gallery and I think you're really successful of making your art your own! I'm kind of jelly... I won't lie to you. It's something I'm still working on :'(

Also I didn't know how to do a webcomic! They're so cool! I've always been interested in doing one but didn't know how. Ok, I still don't know how, but you do... *^*
WhispersInTheMirror Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oh my gosh - your artwork is lovely! Happy Rin I'd be happy to give you some links to webcomic hosts or free website creators.  A lot of artist use tumbler for webcomics as well.
 Keep working hard and experiment - I think you're well on your way!  (p.s.  I posted a comic thumbnail template on facebook I can send you as well if you like. :)
I also saw you have adoptables.  I am interested in making and selling them but I'm not sure how to go about it or what they actually are, so maybe you could help me to understand?
Poligarchy Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015   Digital Artist
Thank you for the favorites and also the shout out on your page :). I'm also taking the advise you gave me before about listing my comic on a few web comic lists :D *fingers crossed* Fingers-Crossed - NaNoEmo14 Day 12 

How are you doing by the way :) ?
WhispersInTheMirror Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I'm doing good, but very busy. (Kind of the reason why my page has been a little dead... ^^;)
I'm crossing my fingers for you too!  As always I'm happy to support your comic. :aww:
Poligarchy Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015   Digital Artist
All's good. I wish you well with everything you're doing. And because you've helped me so much if there's any way I can return the favor in the future  ie a shout out or something just let me know :)
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